Melancholy Media

Melancholy Media is Angus Cole. Angus is a Melbourne based Media and Communications graduate from Deakin University.

With passions lying in the digital space, Angus required a platform from which to showcase his work. I set about a simple, lightweight, long-form content oriented site.

For this project I wanted to move away from my usual stack of Bootstrap and Material Kit. The end result is a stylesheet which is orders of magnitude smaller (in terms of delivered file size) than my usual sites. Due to a flexible timeline, I had a real opportunity to experiment with new technologies and techniques. Moving away from CSS frameworks allowed me to explore the power of flexbox.

This method had interesting implications for the site. It was much lighter but initial development time was understandably increased. Another benefit is now I have complete end-to-end control of the entire stylesheet. There is little to no ‘black box’ code such a minifed Bootstrap stylesheet.

The main focus of the site being on long-form article style content. This gave me an opportunity to really play with font and paragraph formatting to improve the reading experience. Alongside this, the mobile reading experience is optimized for reader support.

Because of Angus’ work, inline multimedia support was paramount. Responsive video embeds and image handling for all screen sizes took some time. The results are definitely worth it.

Overall the project has been very enjoyable and with evolve over time.